Please see the notes below for the features of the two applications:


  • XAdES detached and enveloping signatures can be used to sign any file.
  • XAdES enveloped signature can be used to sign an XML file.
  • PDF files can be signed with an enveloped PAdES signature.
  • CAdES enveloping or detached signatures can be used to sign any arbitrary files.
  • ASiC-S signature can be used to sign any type of files.
  • The multiple parallel signatures can be created.
  • A user can use PKCS#11-compliant SSCD, MS-CAPI, MOCCA and PKCS#12 to sign.
  • Any kind of signature: CAdES, PAdES, XAdES or ASiC-S can be validated.
  • A validation policy can be applied.
  • Two validation reports are available: Simple and Detailed.
  • The Diagnostic Data representing each static information used during the validation process is available.

TL Manager

  • A Trusted List and List of the List can be created from scratch.
  • An existing TSL can be loaded, edited, signed and saved.
  • A basic validation is performed at the first step of creating a signature.